Assessment of the State of the Mortgage Market in Russia and Its Prospects of Future Development

Abstract :

The development of mortgage activates various sectors of the country's economy, such as the construction industry, the real estate market, entrepreneurship, and creates the conditions for investing in the economy. In addition to the economic role, mortgage also performs important social functions, which are manifested in the possibility of improving housing conditions for certain segments of the population; in this regard, the issues of analysis and assessment of mortgage lending in the Russian Federation do not lose their relevance.?The problem of mortgage lending is connected with a housing problem that 60% of Russian families have to confront. The problem is dissatisfaction with housing conditions, especially by young families with children. The growth of income and the increasing needs of the population in housing create favorable conditions for the effective solution of one of the most acute social problems in Russia - housing, as well as for increasing the volume of housing construction and raising funds in the housing sector due to the development of mortgage lending (Averin A.N., 2019).These provisions determined the following tasks of scientific research:

- to characterize the current state and trends in the functioning of the mortgage lending market in Russia, identifying factors that negatively affect the effectiveness of its development;

- to identify priority problems, the solution of which must be foreseen when forming the appropriate strategy for the development of the mortgage market in Russia;

- to offer the main directions for improving mortgage lending in modern economic conditions.