Assessment of The Safety of Training Efforts Based on BMIs Of Candidates for Professional Soldiers

Abstract :

The combat task execution and soldiers’ readiness are influenced by many factors. One of them is the proper preparation for the task execution, achieved through military training.? Equally important is mental and physical resilience, determining the right attitudes even in the toughest environment.? Healthy lifestyles - including proper nutrition - have a major impact on the fitness of troops. One of the indicators for fitness assessment is the Body Mass Index (BMI). It has been analysed in this article. The test group consisted of candidates for professional soldiers. Based on the collected data, the impact of gender and year of studies on cadet BMI level was assessed. ANOVA variance analysis was used for this purpose. The obtained results showed a significant correlation between the selected factors (gender and year of studies) and the examined variable, which indicates a need to take measures to regulate the process of nutrition and enhance physical activity.