Assessment Of Selected Aspects Of Business Operational Security

Abstract :

Outsourcing can greatly contribute to the efficiency of business processes and generate multiple benefits. However, it requires a detailed business case for a change of the pursued operational model. As is evident from the literature, especially in relation to small-sized businesses, such decisions are often made imprudently, based on general trends and recommendations. Businesses tend to make individual, very subjective analyses of their conditions, to implement a concept of outsourcing almost instinctively, not always choosing the right criteria. This is is made worse as there are no readily available methods and tools dedicated to such businesses. Most of the research relates to large corporations and is based on advanced methods and techniques that are difficult to implement in smaller establishments. This problem became the starting point for this publication, which presents considerations regarding the justification for implementing of transport service outsourcing in a small-sized manufacturing plant. The method of assessment and analysis of possible scenarios as well as universal recommendations for all enterprises are presented.