Assessment of Innovative Potential of Organizations: Process-Product Approach

Abstract :

In the modern Russian economy, which is focused on the innovative way of development, the effective functioning of economic entities is due to their ability to implement progressive changes based on the achievements of scientific and technological progress, market methods of management and management. Competitive advantages are achieved at the expense of knowledge, information, and innovation. Each country, region, economic entity has a certain aggregate potential: scientific, technical, resource, raw material, economic, production, etc.. Recently, innovation potential has also become one of the components of the overall (aggregate) potential. The solution to the problems of methods for assessing the innovative potential of economic entities should, of course, be based on a serious theoretical Foundation. Research of the best practices of using innovative potential, methods of its analysis and evaluation determined the purpose of this article, which is to assess the innovative potential of organizations using a process-product approach. The proposed assessment includes the calculation of indices, criteria and indicators that form a matrix for positioning the organization's innovative potential, characterized by the use of a relatively small amount of primary information, and ease of use.