Approaches of Management to Financing Specific Services of Local Governments

Abstract :

Ensuring security in local self-governments is becoming increasingly complex as negative effects increase in a globalized environment. Local authorities have an impact on safety by delegating certain tasks that are based on legislation. Local governments must strive to be prepared to deal with various crisis phenomena that have a negative impact on the environment and especially on the people themselves. These phenomena are earmarked for civil protection funding. The sub-program is included in the security program. The article focuses on the analysis and conclusions from the use of funds in eight regional cities in Slovak Republic. The funds for civil protection are compared with the share of funds in the security program. We have analyzed the period from 2011 to 2018. The year 2018 is currently the last closed year with the implementation of local government budgets. For a better comparison between cities, we have recalculated the share of funds per capita in those cities. These earmarked funds should help cities to handle various specific tasks.