Application of the Concept of System Product in the Management of Cultural Institutions in Poland

Abstract :

The purpose of the paper is to show the possibility of implementing the concept of a system product in the sphere of management of cultural institutions. The study is based on literature studies and the results of quantitative empirical research that was performed on a sample of 451 people managing cultural institutions in Poland. The implementation of the formulated goal required identification of the attributes of the system product on the basis of the literature analysis, as well as to determination of their relationship with the offer created by cultural institutions. The analysis of the results of empirical research aims to present the approach to the implementation of the system product concept in cultural institutions through the prism of the role of product attributes in various areas of marketing of cultural institutions. Moving in the analysis from the quantitative to qualitative approach to the discussed issues, the idea of a system product in the sphere of culture is presented on the example of the functioning of the cultural institution of New Horizons Cinema. Consequently, the conducted research procedure allowed to formulate the conclusion that creation of system products that serve the satisfaction of not one, but the whole bundle of culture needs experienced by the consumer is one of the trends of development in the management of cultural institutions.