Application of DEA Methodology to Assess the Performance of Logistics Process Management

Abstract :

Performance is a category measured in numerous areas of operation of decision-making units. One of such areas is logistics supporting the functioning of supply chains and networks, so that the processes of flow of material goods, services and information create added value with each activity. Optimal movement of resources is possible thanks to the management of logistic processes, primarily in the context of available infrastructure and logistics operation services. For this reason, the logistics performance index (LPI) was adopted as the measure of logistic processes, and the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) methodology was adopted to assess the performance of logistics process management. Based on the review and analysis of the source literature, it has been shown that the performance of the implementation of logistics processes is the basic category of analysis in the implementation of information and decision-making processes in supply chains and networks, and the DEA methodology is an important tool in assessing logistics performance, which can be considered as a measure of the degree of implementation of logistics processes.