Analysis Of Thinking Styles And Actions As The Basis For Using The Employee’s Potential In Managed Enterprises In Accordance With The Implemantation Lean Management Concept

Abstract :

The purpose of this article is to present the author's model, thanks to which it is possible to adapt tasks and functions between various members of teams implementing the concept of Lean Management in enterprises to their personal preferences and psychological conditions. In this model, four perspectives were identified based on which four Perception Styles (perception, specific phenomena and situations) were identified, followed by four Activity Styles. Research under the article was first of all conducted on scientific knowledge and the broad practice of one of the authors in the field of human potential management in organizations. In the next phase, psychologists were invited to research, who focused on developing an analytical and verification tool that could be useful in business practice in the long- term. The tool prepared in this way was then verified as part of the pilot studies carried out.