Analysis of the Y Generation’s Advertising Perception

Abstract :

The article focuses on the perception of advertising and its evaluation by the generation of the Millennials. The basic population for the purpose of the survey is the millennials of the East Slovakian region. 180 respondents were surveyed and it was possible to include 154 respondents' answers based on the criterion of completeness of completed questionnaires. Data collection was conducted through simple random sampling in January and February 2019. To verify the hypotheses, we used the StatSoft SPSS software. Due to the nature of the analysed variables we used Cronbach′s alpha and Mann Whitney U test. Based on the research findings, the respondents did not know or did not want to rate the internet advertising (banner, context, advertising on social networks, e-mail advertising). The generation of the Millennials evaluate internet advertising as more negative than the traditional advertising. This output suggests to some extent the so-called “advertising blindness”. The result of the hypothesis verification is that there is a significant difference between the ranking of traditional and internet advertising in the generation of the Millennials. These results are very interesting if we confront them at the level of the global tendency of advertising perception by Y generation representatives.