Analysis Of Psychophysical Predispositions Of Persons Performing Tasks Of Security Control Operators

Abstract :

An airport is a specific place that requires employees performing tasks related to air operations to possess specific skills and specialist knowledge. However, the knowledge and practice learned are not the only factors conditioning the correct performance of official duties, and thus the safety of flight operations. This relationship is particularly noticeable during the security check of persons and luggage carried out by the airport manager. These tasks are performed by security control operators, who also have an entry on the list of qualified security guards. This work shows that in addition to the professional qualifications necessary to perform the abovementioned profession, the psychophysical predisposition of such a person is also very important. The paper presents the results of research carried out using a specialized tool which is the Polipsychograph. The research was attended by people who perform the tasks of a security control operator on a daily basis. These are people with many years of experience in performing security checks and having all the required training and certificates entitling them to this work. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the study also involved totally outsiders, working in a completely different nature and not taking part in the process of controlling people and luggage. These two professional groups were then subjected to a comparative analysis to identify the characteristics of people working in airport security.