Analysis of Markets and Development Trends of Green Energy Efficiency Technologies in the Context of Sustainable Development

Abstract :

Today there are powerful incentives for the development of green technologies in the field of energy efficiency, in particular in the field of expanding the use of renewable energy sources and reducing specific fuel consumption. According to many experts, in the foreseeable future, green technology is the largest area of technological innovation.?The analysis based on a comprehensive economic and statistical analysis of volumes, structure and directions, an analysis of markets and current trends in the development of green energy efficiency technologies in the context of sustainable development in various countries is carried by authors.?The stimulation of green technology markets and the expansion of their implementation are of primary importance for sustainable development, which means that this area requires a comprehensive review to identify developmental features and the risks associated with it. From the perspective of sustainable development, it is worth noting that the development of "green" energy efficiency technologies will have an effect not only on the economic, environmental and technological side of the process, but will also make its own social changes.