An Overview Of Decision Making, Entrepreneurship And Performance: A Bibliometric Mapping And Visualization

Abstract :

The concepts of decision making and entrepreneurship have attracted researchers’ attention for their relevance to a firm’s performance. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the academic research on decision making, entrepreneurship, and performance. To achieve this, a bibliometric analysis was performed, which involves the analysis of 378 articles published in Web of Science in the 2000-2019 period, concerning the analyzed subject and a keywords’ mapping in this field. This analysis focuses on articles, journals, countries, institutions and number of citations retrieved by the analyzed articles. For this analysis, the information provided by the Web of Science database through the “Analyze Results” and “Create Citation Report” sections were used. Moreover, “VOSviewer” software was used to map the keywords, and the co-occurrence of keywords represented the basis of this analysis. The main results illustrate the most relevant articles, journals, countries, authors and institutions with contributions to decision making, entrepreneurship, and performance research. The findings illustrate that the proximity between the concepts entrepreneurship and performance describes a strong relatedness between them, while the distance between entrepreneurship and decision making is showing a weaker relatedness.