An Approach of Risk Analysis and the Potential Effects of the Occurrence of 2019-nCoV Coronavirus in Romania

Abstract :

From the perspectives of early warning and identification of risk, risk quantification and analysis, also as risk management, we propose recommendation, which include analysis of behavior citizen in panic, cooperation of the institutions in Romania. The 2019-nCoV coronavirus epidemic started in China's Wuhan city, which has spread throughout the country and subsequently, in a very short period of time, in several states, being viewed as a global contagion effect that causes great concern. As the virus gets closer to Romania, it becomes worrying and citizens are already panicking. Therefore, in this article we will analyze, according to public data, what is the current situation and how well Romania is prepared to manage the risks arising from the confirmation of COVID-19 in the country and how the behavior of citizens in a state of panic is influenced.