Activation Of Public Relations By Professionals: A Case Study Of Zaron Cosmetics And House Of Tara

Abstract :

The significance of a manufacturing company’s image lies in how it underpins its brand's market power and risk exposure to counterfeiting. The beauty and cosmetics industry is one of the fastest-growing industry in the world right now because of its significant contribution to the world GDP. Nevertheless, counterfeiting strikes a massive blow to the image of the industry. In building a sharp brand image that can survive the enormous storm of counterfeiting, the application of public relations is essential. Therefore, this study examined the public relations activities of the industry and how the applications of public relations tools can deal with counterfeits in the beauty and cosmetics industry. The study anchors on the two-way asymmetrical theory of PR. The in-depth interview used elicited responses from our subjects. Hence, the responses were analysed and used to answer the research questions. ?Findings from this study show that public relations applications are essential for successful anti-counterfeit measures in the beauty and cosmetics industry.