A Student Vocational Becoming through IT Competency Development

Abstract :

The urgency of the research is determined by current processes. They are the rapid development of all means of information technology and the necessity of their use for the efficiency of student future career; a changing variety of occupations. In this regard, this paper is devoted to the review of vocational becoming of students within the context of the information society development as a dynamic, focused process of progressive personality change influenced by the information environment development, aimed at vocational competency development, including IT competence. The authors examine requirements to prepare new methodological training systems which are able to promote learners’ skills to keep IT practice for the development of qualities required for future career. When doing the research, the authors applied the following methods of philosophical, psychological and educational literature review; projection and modeling. According to the study, the authors note the special logic of accomplishing the identified requirements for the development of modern methodological training systems, focused on developing a learner’s skills to perform information practice and educational information interaction independently to develop the abilities necessary for future career. The content of the paper has a practical interest for undergraduates, graduate students, university professors and teachers of other educational institutions who carry out research in this field, and those who are intent to make up projection models of student personal and vocational becoming.