A Mini Bibliometric Review to Explore Decades of Research in Artificial Neural Networks

Abstract :

In this mini bibliometric review, we explore and report on the contributions made in the field of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) over more than three decades of research endeavors. The review covers the period from 1986 to 2018 with a total of 380,086 documents extracted from Scopus database. ?The extracted bibliometric information was thoroughly pre-processed while the analysis of authorship was performed using the VOSviewer (www.vosviewer.com). The result of the bibliometric analysis unearths the types of publications, the languages used for the publications, the evolution of the scientific outputs, the distribution of publications by regions and institutions, the distribution of outputs in subject categories and the networks of authorship. The results presented in this paper could help researchers seeking for collaborations in the field of ANN to promptly locate reputable scholars. Funding agencies could also leverage on the results in this study to properly disburse grants for ground-breaking work and measure impact and accountability of investment to support further research in artificial intelligence.