A Descriptive Approach on Motivating Factors Influencing Labour Retention among Teachers

Abstract :

Education is important as it aids the development of every society. Teachers play a crucial role in promoting this development and are responsible for training students to be informed and contributory members of the society. Dissatisfaction among teachers often leads to turnover. This research investigated the factors that motivates and influence retention among. It solely relied on the use of survey method. 100 copies of questionnaire were administered to teachers in Iganmode secondary school in Ota, Ogun state Nigeria using the simple random sampling technique. Only 80 copies of questionnaire were retrieved. ?Data retrieved was analyzed using the statistical package for social sciences representing the result in frequency tables and percentage. The study revealed that factors such as promotion, trainings and salary increment when due is crucial in motivating and retaining teachers. When motivating factors are not in place, it leads to extra cost of hiring and training new teachers. The study recommends that administrators in school should put appropriate measures in place such as incentives and benefits so as to make teachers satisfied and retained. There is a need to ensure also the good working condition in the school that is conductive for teaching and learning as this will motivate teachers and improve their performance.