A Critical View Of Current Government Policy On Access To Information

Abstract :

In a modern society, the constitutional right to information is a fundamental right without which the existence of a genuine democratic establishment is not possible. It allows all subjects to form an opinion to the state as well as the whole society. Information is also called the oxygen of democracy. Access to truthful, timely and complete information is a prerequisite for making our decisions meaningful. The aim of our contribution is a thorough review of the constitutionally guaranteed right to information. In terms of systematic approach, the contribution is divided into three parts in addition to the introduction and conclusion. Each of them focuses on a certain aspect of the constitutional right to information. For the thorough elaboration of the paper we used several scientific methods of investigation, especially description, analysis, synthesis, deduction, logic or comparison but also doctrinal interpretation. The result of the paper is an evaluation of the current constitutional status of the implementation of the right to information in the Slovak Republic. At the end of the paper we confirm or reject the hypothesis that the current law is sufficient without the need for further adjustments.