Evaluation Of The Military LOGFAS Information System Supporting The Management Of Logistics In The Polish Armed Forces Of The Republic Of Poland As The Determinant Of The Country’s Military Security

Abstract :

Since Poland's accession to NATO, the Polish Armed Forces have been operationally aware that one of the determinants for improvement of the military security of the country is to have efficient and effective military logistics. From the perspective of the efficiency of the military logistics system, it is crucial to implement and operate an IT system that would support efficient management of logistic information and ensure real-time visibility of resources. The paper discusses the LOGFAS IT system supporting logistic security during national and multinational missions and operations, in the planning and implementation of logistic processes, exchange of logistic information both in the period of preparation and operation. The article also contains the results of research that represent basis for checking, verification and evaluation of LOGFAS functional units. Moreover, the directions for development and the progress of LOGFAS implementation works in the Polish Armed Forces were presented.