Short-Term B&B Rental in Asia: Measurement and Analysis of Prices, Housing Attributes, Image and Popularity

Abstract :

Research background: The article presents studies on selected aspects pertaining to the private rental market of housing stock, operating on the principles of sharing economy. Detailed studies were carried out on rental offers that are filed in Asian countries, with respect to which the type of rental was identified, rental prices and their structure, amenities offered in the premises, ratings given by clients and popularity. Purpose: The aim of this article is to measure and analyze prices of short-term B&B rental in Asia, as well as to parameterize housing attributes, to assess the image and popularity of the resources on offer. Research Methodology: The research of the market of B&B rental was carried out for 14 capital cities of countries lying in Asia. All in all, there were 1,400 offers studied. Results: It can be concluded that the studied capitals of Asian countries are characterized by considerable differences as regards the prices of B&B rental offers. A comparison of the housing resources can also be made from the point of view of their amenities and furnishing, as well as their image and popularity of the rental market functioning on the basis of co-sharing economy. Novelty: The research may serve as a good example for conducting further theoretical studies in the sphere of housing rental market which functions on the basis of co-sharing economy. The results which were obtained can also be of practical use, since they determine prices and features of the resources on offer. Finally, parameterization of the studied attributes can indicate the place of this type of housing rental in the market, especially that of hotel services.